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100% INDONESIAN owned & family business, operated under the umbrella of CV. Indo Kreasi Cipta Rejeki. Through a continuous study & process of rebranding, we are able to give the right name to our product. Mungbee replaces Mojo’s juice which were used in the initial years.

The NAME, Mungbee, taken from the main ingredient Mung Bean and Bee, as the philosophy on which this business was founded. Bees are small creatures that provide enormous benefits to humans, who only suck the essence of flowers, produce honey, do not cause any damage as wherever they land there are no broken stems or twigs, they have self-respect and are selective in choosing their food. This reminds us to only obtain something we need while obeying the rules, to provide benefits for many people by what we produced, to maintain the principle of peace, to honor ourselves by not disturbing others and be selective to determine what is best to consume for maintaining our health.

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Our Goals

Today, her business has evolved quite significant, she was so grateful for the way she started. It has not always been easy, but it continues to bring her great joy & satisfaction.

Her mission is to provide 100% natural & nourishing drink with no preservatives & additives, rich in health benefits & contain lost of vitamins.

Her next dream now is to introduce “Mungbee” to Indonesia and boarder market, create centralized kitchen in Java while develop the powdered version of Mungbee for a larger market scale. 

Our Achievement​

~ Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destination.

Generally, the last years have been challenging for mostly all scope of business. Many companies all over the world have had to adapt to the changing of circumstances and consumer behaviors while finding opportunities in time of crisis.

How is 2022 for Mungbee Juice?

Through a lot of innovation, creativity & development of our product, we are able to bring our goals to reality. We have built a production house located on East Denpasar for ready to drink product. Currently we have 5 staff and producing 300 bottles mung bean juice every day.

~ One of our goal to enter the worldwide business have made its way recently. We were receiving positive leads to European market and urged us to establish our cooperation with PT. Anugrah Original Bionatura Indonesia (AOBI) Jl. Industri Keroncong No. 38 RT/RW 02/05, Kel. Keroncong, Kec. Jatiuwung, Tangerang 15134, Indonesia to produce the powder version of Mung Bean Juice. Our cooperation with AOBI who owns a complete certification, from HAACCP, GMP and ISO has given us the confidence and proud to finally be able to introduce one of the Indonesian food products, specially Mung Bean to the world.

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Thad Collins
Clare Harper
Bruno Huff
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The Founder

Monica Wulandari co founded “Mungbee”, she holds a graduation degree of Chinese Literature & Design interior. During 2009 – 2015, she had the opportunity to experience working with the government.

2016, she made the decision to leave a lucrative job, got married & relocated to Bali. It was so challenging to leave the comfort of the known & enter the unknown, especially if your values are expression, authenticity & innovation. All she had was a dream to create, express & share in a way that she could not, when she was aligned to a company. While as a woman & wife, it takes guts to run a business & deal with all the difficult challenges she will undoubtedly face. 

Starting the whole thing is one thing, keeping it going is another matter entirely. Monica, offered her products to friends & great feedback were received, small order started to land in then roaring higher. November 1, 2019 she launched her
product & sold it online under the name of Mojo’s Juice & improved one of the main ingredients, by using fibercreme as a substitute for coconut milk. 

“To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality” ~ Anita Roddick